This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Receiving BMC Remedy ITSM broadcasts on Twitter

The integration with Twitter enables users to receive BMC Remedy ITSM notifications directly to their Twitter accounts. Users can follow the functional BMC Remedy ITSM Twitter notification account.

To receive BMC Remedy ITSM broadcasts on Twitter:

  • The functional BMC Remedy ITSM notification account must be created in Twitter, and configured and authenticated, before users can follow the account.
  • Users must have a Twitter account that can receive the BMC Remedy ITSM notifications.

For more information about configuring a functional BMC Remedy ITSM Twitter notification account, see Configuring the Twitter integration.

To follow ITSM notifications on Twitter

  1. On the IT Home Page, click the Twitter icon .


    If the Twitter icon is not displayed, make sure that you configured the twitter integration (see Configuring the Twitter integration and enabled the Twitter notification functionality (see Enabling chat, Twitter notifications, and RSS feeds).

  2. If you are not logged on to the Twitter account, the logon screen is displayed.
  3. Log on to Twitter using your account details.
    The Twitter website is opened in a new browser window with the Twitter account that was configured for the broadcast.
  4. On the displayed Twitter page, click Follow to receive broadcast messages posted to this BMC Remedy ITSM Twitter notification account.

For information about sending BMC Remedy ITSM broadcasts using Twitter, see Working with broadcasts.

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