This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Integrating with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

The BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management product proactively detects and automatically resolves IT performance issues and sub-optimal configurations before users and services are negatively impacted. Alerts are generated for any events or changes that occur in the environment. Typically, alerts are generated even for intentional changes related to the infrastructure, for example, a CI that is unavailable due to a scheduled maintenance, causing unnecessary action to resolve these issues.

The integration of Change Management with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management allows you to configure event notification parameters so that alerts are not generated for events due to planned changes to a CI or a service.

The current integration enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Configure BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management to receive notifications for Change Event types (Change event or Task event or both) that occur on SIEM enabled CI Types.
  • Notify BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management of:
    • CIs for which a change is planned or occurred in the past, but logged now.
    • Change Task events for the tasks related to CIs.
  • Manage errors and queue undelivered events.
  • Send automatic email notification to preconfigured BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and Change Management application administrators in case of errors.
  • Use secured communication channels.

Integration requirements

For the integration to work seamlessly, the following tasks must be completed:

  • Install Remedy AR System. During installation, select the Web Services Plug-In option.
  • Install BMC CMDB. During installation, select the Web Services Registry option to ensure that UDDI is installed. For more information, see Installing Open link  in the BMC CMDB documentation. Go to AR System Administration Console > System > General > Server Information > WS Registry integration > Registry location and verify that the UDDI server details are updated.

  • Install Remedy IT Service Management. Ensure that you install the Change Management and the Asset Management applications. For more information, see the Installing core BMC Remedy ITSM products Open link .

  • Install the BMC CMDB extensions required for the integration. For more information, see "Installing BMC ProactiveNet CMDB Extensions" in the BMC ProactiveNet Getting Started Guide.
  • Register the CAI_ChangeManagementEventsSubscription_WS web service which is required to enable the Change Management and BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management integration. For more information on how to register a web service, see Registering, modifying, and de-registering web services Open link .
  • Install BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management. For more information, see the BMC ProactiveNet Getting Started Guide.

To verify that the integration is active

Go to Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Change Management > Advanced Options and verify that the Change CI Event Notification to BPPM option is available.

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