This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Example of using Change Calendar

Allen is implementing a new payroll system in the organization. The installation of the new payroll server will affect the availability of other servers in the organization. The Calendar can help Allen decide the most convenient time to start this implementation with minimum impact to the people of the organization.

When Allen views the Calendar, he can see the complete details of the events for the duration in the view configured by the application administrator.


You can configure your viewing preferences from the Settings menu provided. For more information on configuring display settings, see Managing Calendar user preferences.

By looking at the Calendar view for a month, Allen can quickly decide that scheduling a major server installation on a particular day that has multiple events would overload already strained resources. Any day that has fewer events would be more promising. The calendar displays not only scheduled change or release requests but also planned outages or business events, giving Allen better visibility of the load for the selected duration.

If required, Allen can switch to the week to look more closely at the week's schedule or select a Day view to get a more granular view of the data. He can use the arrows next to the timeline bar to move to an earlier or later time period of the selected duration.

When Allen finds a time when no time segments are blocked, he can decide to schedule the payroll server installation. The server installation schedule can overlap other software application installations based on the organization's configuration policy.

When Allen schedules the installation, if the server installation impacts a CI that might be unavailable or required by another request during that time, the calendar provides an indication of colliding records. He can also view the Service Context summary for a Service CI related to the change or release request.

Additionally, Allen can select a request from the calendar and view essential details like the ID, status, and so on, or open the change request by using the Open option from the right-click menu on the calendar. He can click the Details flyout pane to view additional details including Collisions and Impact.

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