This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Example - Defining colors for Risk Level

Allen, the Change Manager, wants the Calendar color code requests based on their risk level, so that high risk requests can be easily recognized. He performs the following steps to define colors for different risk levels.

  1. On the Custom Configuration tab of the Application Administration Console, he selects Change Management > Advanced Options > Change Calendar.
  2. From Data Source, he selects Global > Change Request.
  3. On the Colors tab, he selects the Risk Level field.
    The table lists all valid values for the Risk Level field.
  4. He selects each risk level value and then picks the following colors for it:
    • Risk Level 1 – Pick a shade of Green (#A5D796)
    • Risk Level 2 – Pick a shade of Blue (#3366CC)
    • Risk Level 3 – Pick a shade of Yellow (#E3B52A)
    • Risk Level 4 – Pick a shade of Orange (#DA7706)
    • Risk Level 5 – Pick a shade of Red (#B90D0D)

  5. He saves his changes.
    Allen must log out and log on for the changes to take effect.

When the calendar data is displayed, the record is displayed in the color defined for the risk level value of that record as shown in the following figure:

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