This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Costing process workflow

For a change record, the total cost is calculated as the sum of the cost of the change, the cost of all the tasks related to it, and the cost of any CIs related to the change.

Select Links > Financials on the Change form to directly add change related costs. On the Financials dialog, click Add to add the costs incurred for the change.


For change requests that are created by using a change template, costs that are calculated according to the financial rules are set in the template.

The cost rate template and finance rules are used to calculate task related costs. If not configured, task-related costs can be added manually. After the task is closed, either the costs that are calculated based on the finance rule defined or the costs manually entered are added to the cost of the change.

Any CIs related to the change request or its tasks are added into the budget and actual cost if the relationship is flagged to be included in total cost. You need to manually specify within the relationship record that CI costs should be included in the total cost of the change.

If there is a CI related to the cost, you can use the Create Allocation option to identify a cost center that will be charged for the work done on the change. Multiple CIs can be related to the cost. In this case, you can use the Create Allocation option to define how the cost of the CIs is distributed among the related CIs.

The total costs related to a change request are calculated after the change request is closed. At the time of closure, a change can involve various costs such as the actual cost of the change itself, the actual cost involved for a task or CI associated to it, cost of a task related to the change, or other criteria. A change cannot be closed unless all associated tasks are closed. When individual tasks are closed, their costs are automatically reflected in the change cost. To include all related costs in the final actual cost of the change request, the total cost of the change is calculated only after the change is closed.

Select Links > Financials to view the costs related to a change. The total Actual Cost value displays the actual costs per cost types - that is, Labor, Fixed, Other, and Parts. The cost types provided out of the box are only for informational purposes and can be used according to requirements. The Change Financials dialog box displays the total cost based on the cost type for the selected change record.

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