This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Configuring process flows and approvals

The Change Management implementation involves the configuration of process flows and approvals. The two are combined here, as process flows are used with the configuration of the approval process (that is, used to define when an approval process will take place) and approval mappings (that is, used to define the approvers). Change Management uses the data in the process flow and the approval process configuration forms to drive the change request through the change control process flow.

You must review the out-of-the-box standard process flow and approval process configuration data, as it is important to understand the data, how it is leveraged, and to determine if you need to create additional configuration data to accommodate your use cases.

Best practice

Since the out-of-the-box standard process handles most uses cases, most implementations of the Change Management application do not require the creation of additional process flow and approval process configuration data.

We recommend that you do not modify the out-of-the-box data in these forms and do not to use any out-of-the-box data that you do not wish to leverage, and create new records in its place.

For more information about configuring process flows, see Configuring custom process flows.

For more information about configuring approvals, see Configuring approval processes.

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