This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Computing risk levels

To support best practices for the risk assessment process for change requests, you can have the system compute the risk level.

For more information about how risk assessment is computed, see Configuring risk assessment.

To compute risk levels

  1. Open the change request in the Change form.
  2. Define operational categorizations as they define the specific risk assessment questions.
  3. Click the Risk Level icon .
  4. In the Risk Assessment Questions dialog box, answer the questions, and then click Save.
    These risk questions are defined and created by the application administrator with support and guidance from the Change Manager. They might be specific to the company or to the operational categorization of the change request.


    If you change the operational categorization of the change request and click the Risk Level icon, the questions are kept to provide traceability/audit of the lifecycle of the request.

  5. Save the change request.
  6. To view and print a report of the risk assessment, choose Links > View Risk Report in the left frame of the Change form.

    The Change Risk Report dialog box displays the summary, which includes the questions and responses, the derived factors, if applicable, and the Aggregate Risk Value. The derived factors section includes the change impact, change priority, CI impact, and CI priority. The Aggregate Risk Value is calculated based on the risk questions and responses and the derived factors.

Guidelines for computing risk level

  • The Aggregate Risk Value does not directly reflect the risk level that you manually entered. For more information about how the aggregate risk value is calculated, see Sample rating calculation.
  • The Change Risk Report includes values of all questions and responses provided during the life cycle of the change. For example, if you change the operational categorization of the change request, click the Risk Level icon and provide a set of responses, these questions and responses are included in the risk report to maintain an audit of the lifecycle of the change.
  • Risk level is the anticipated risk for the proposed change. The values are from 5 (highest risk) to 1 (lowest risk). For more information, see the following figure:

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