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Change in active link behavior due to Google Chrome 80 update

BMC Software is alerting users to a potential problem on Google Chrome version 80 and later that requires attention if you are using AR System version 20.02, BMC CMDB version 20.02 and ITSM applications (version 18.05 and later) or custom applications (version 18.05 and later)  that use active links that run on Window Close event.  

Because of this change in behavior in Google Chrome version 80 and later, active links that run on  Window Closed event, might not work as expected.

For more information, see Deprecations and removals in Chrome 80 Open link  in Google developer's documentation. 

If you have any questions about the problem, contact  BMC Customer Support Open link

April 28, 2021

Defect ID: DRSMX-54592/DRSMX-55050/DRSMX-56162.

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Google Chrome version 80 and later disallows synchronous calls to the XMLHTTPRequest()method during page dismissal, when a user navigates away from the page or closes the page. Because of this change in behavior in Google Chrome version 80 and later, active links that run on  Window Closed event, might not work as expected

Additionally, browser navigation events and actions, such as CloseRefreshForward, and Backward might not work as expected, and the page becomes unresponsive.

This issue occurs because the out-of-the-box and custom active links that run on the Close Window and the un-display event might not work as expected. This change impacts some administration applications, such as approval and assignment administration and the workflows in following ITSM applications:

  • Asset Management
  • Service Desk Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Request Management (SRM)
  • Service Level Management (SLM)


To address the impact due to the changes in Chrome 80, the following hotfixes are available:

  • Hotfix for AR System Server (Centralized Configuration) and Mid Tier version 20.02.02.
  • Hotfix for BMC CMDB version 20.02.02
  • Hotfix for ITSM applications version 18.05 and later (Asset Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Service Desk, SRM, SLM).

Perform the following steps:

  1. Apply the hotfix.
    Ensure the following before you apply the hotfix:
    • AR System Server and Mid Tier are at version 20.02.02 
    • BMC CMDB at version 20.02.02
    • ITSM applications are at version 18.05 and later
    For more information about applying the hotfix, contact  BMC Customer Support Open link .
  2. Configure the settings for custom and out-of-the-box active links that run on Window Close event.

To change the out-of-the-box active links that run on the Close Window action

In Centralized Configuration, make sure that the Execute-Window-Close-Undisplay-Activelinks parameter is set to False.
For more information about the Execute-Window-Close-Undisplay-Activelinks parameter, see  Execute-Window-Close-Undisplay-Activelinks Open link .


If the Execute-Window-Close-Undisplay-Activelinks parameter is set to True, out-of-the-box and custom workflows in Remedy IT Service Management, Remedy Service Request Management, and Remedy Service Level Management might not work as expected. 

To change custom active links that run on Close Window action

  1. Log on to Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. On a form, add a Close button.
  3. Call the PERFORM-ACTION-ACTIVE-LINK 32768 "ignoreIfEnabledBrowserUnload" run process.
  4. Call the Close Window action.

This ensures that your custom active link and workflow run correctly before the Close Window action.

  1. In Remedy Developer Studio, select the custom active link.
  2. Expand the If actions panel.
  3. From the Window Type list, select Popup.
  4. Clear the Show Close Button check box.

The following screenshot shows the pop-up window type selected for a custom active link:

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