This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Automatically populating task details from the parent record

You can create a task using an existing task template, or add an ad hoc task to a record. For Work Orders, Change records, and Incident records, the Summary and Priority information on the task is pre-populated with the values of the parent record.

Additionally, you can also copy the categorization information from the parent record.

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To add a task to record

  1. Open the record and click the Tasks tab.
  2. Add an ad hoc task to the record or by using an existing task template.
    The Summary and Priority information is automatically populated with the values defined in the parent record.
  3. Add other task details on the Task form.
  4. On the task form, click the Copy Parent Data option to copy the parent categorization information to the task.

The task categorization values are populated with the values from the parent record.

For additional information about adding tasks to a record, see the following topics in the application online documentation:

  • Remedy Service Desk (for Incident Management)— Using tasks Open link .
  • BMC Service Request Management (for Work Orders)— Working with tasks Open link .
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