This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Approval stage - Authorization for Close Down Approval stage

This is the third approval stage for the change request, also referred to as the Close Down Approval stage. In this stage, the change approver evaluates whether the change request has the desired effect and has met its objectives. This approval phase typically has the involvement of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and the Service Owner(s), similar to the Business Approval phase.


For the Standard change class, the process would be to bypass this approval stage.

The following process flow diagram explains the recommended steps and the roles that play a part in the Close Down Approval stage.

The change coordinator should work with the change manager, if the change request is rejected during the approval stage. At this stage, the change manager or the change coordinator can do one of the following activities:

  • Cancel the change request—Typically done, if there is no attempt to re-implement the change.
  • Cancel the change request and restart it—Typically done, when the change auditing requirements do not need to have a new change request raised for all changes.
  • Cancel the change request and create a new change request—Typically done, when change auditing requirements need to have a new change request raised for all changes.


    You can use the Copy Change function to quickly create a new change request.

If the change request is approved, the request proceeds to the Change Completion and Close Down stage.  

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