This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

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Allocating costs to CIs

When relating CIs to a change request, you need only one related CI to generate the allocation. If you have two or more CIs related to a change request, you can distribute the costs of the change request between the different CIs.

You cannot perform these steps until you relate the CIs to the change request. For more information, see Working with related configuration items.

To allocate costs to configuration items

  1. Open the change request in the Change form.
  2. From the left navigation pane, choose Links > Financials.

  3. Click Create Allocation.
    In the Cost Allocation form, the following sets of information appear:
    • Cost Information shows information used to calculate the cost of the change request.
    • Relate To CIs shows all CIs that are related to the change request.
    • Related CIs With Cost Allocated shows all the CIs after you have allocated the costs to them.


      When you are viewing financials on CIs, only actual costs are shown. As a result, a budgeted cost that is allocated to a CI appears on the change, but does not appear on the CIs financial table.

  4. Enter missing information for cost type, cost rate, and so on.
  5. In the Relate To CIs? field, specify whether to relate the cost to a CI:
    • Divide evenly between CIs divides the cost between all the CIs (including services) that are related to the change. Doing so divides the Current Total by the number of related CIs.
    • Let me allocate to CIs distributes the cost among the different CIs. If you choose this option, the Selected CI Desc and Allocate To Selected CI fields become active. If you do not have CIs or services related to this change request, you cannot choose this option.
      The Related CIs Count field automatically shows the number of CIs that are related to the change request. You cannot change this information.
  6. In the Relate To CIs table, click the CI to which to allocate a cost.
    The ID appears in the Selected CI Desc field.
  7. In the Allocate to Selected CI field, enter the amount that to allocate to the CI.
  8. Click Create Cost Record.
    This allocates costs according to your input. The cost record appears in the Related CIs with Costs Allocated table, and the Unallocated Cost decreases by the amount applied to the CI.
    The remaining fields in the form are read-only. They provide the following information:
    • Unallocated Cost displays the Current Total less the amount already allocated to CIs during this session.
    • Average Cost Per CI displays the Current Total divided by Related CIs Count. This field indicates the amount that each cost record would be if you chose to automatically allocate the costs to the CIs.
  9. Continue selecting CIs from the Related CIs table, and apply costs until the Unallocated Cost is equal to 0.
  10. Click Close.
    The table in the Costs tab shows the cost records you have created. You cannot modify or delete these records.
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