This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Adding work information to a task

You can add work information to each task included in the change request. The work information for each task appears in the Work Info of Selected Task table on the Change form.

To add work information to a task

  1. Open the task and then click the Work Info tab.
  2. Modify the work information type, if needed.
  3. From the Source list, select the source of this information.
    Information sources can include, for example, email, system assignment, or the web.
  4. Enter details of your work information record in the Date, Summary, and Work Info Notes fields.
  5. To add attachments, right-click in the attachment table, and then select Add.
  6. From the Locked list, select Yes or No to lock the log.
  7. Select the view access:
    • If you want only users within your organization to see the entry, select Internal.
    • If you want everyone with access to the system to see the entry, select External.
  8. When you finish updating, click Save.
    Your entry is added to the task's work history. The Show field enables you to filter specific work entries based on the type of activity shown in the table.
  9. To see a report of the activities you performed against this task, click Report.
  10. To see all work information history entries, click View.


    When you return to the Change form, you might need to refresh the Work Info of Assigned Task table to see all the entries.

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