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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Working with requester records

When you define change and release requests, or monitor them, you frequently work with requester information. For example, you might need to search for a requester in the database. If the requester does not exist, you must define a new requester. Or, you might need to change requester information.

The People form contains all user records. You can access this form in different ways:

  • Select People on the Application Administration Console.
  • Select My Profile on the Overview Console, the Change Management console, or the Release Management console. You then can see your own user record.
  • Click in the Last Name field, enter partial information about the individual you are looking for, and then press Enter.
    Information stored here is used to automatically fill in requester information fields on many forms. For more information, see User interface standards for field labels.
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