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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using Quick Actions on relationships

The Quick Actions menu on the Relationships tab enables you to perform advanced actions on relationships. Not all actions are available with all request types. The following table shows the relationship between request types and the available actions you can perform on them.

Matrix of request types and quick actions

Request type

Relationship quick action

CI Unavailability

  • Broadcast CI Unavailability
  • Get Related Relationships
  • Modify Relationship Type

Configuration Item

  • Create New CI Unavailability
  • Explore CI
  • Get CI Impact/Urgency
  • Get CI Product Categorization
  • Get Impacted Areas
  • Get Related Relationships
  • Modify Relationship Type
  • Show Related Services




  • Get Related Relationships
  • Modify Relationship Type

Infrastructure Change

  • Get Related Relationships

Known Error

  • Get Related Relationships
  • Modify Relationship Type

LDAP Object


Problem Investigation

  • Get Related Relationships
  • Modify Relationship Type


  • Get Related Relationships

Software Library Item


To use quick actions

  1. Select the entry from the Relationships table.
  2. From the Quick Actions menu, select an action.
    For example, you can copy relationships from a CI already related to the release request. The following table lists all the quick actions that you can use.

    Effect of using Relationship Actions

    Relationship action


    Explore CI

    Opens the graphical BMC Atrium Explorer that shows the selected CI's relationship to other CIs.

    Create New CI Unavailability

    Creates a new CI Unavailability record for the selected CI.

    Important: This option is available only if BMC Asset Management is installed.

    For more information, see the following procedures at Relating unavailable CIs and changes:

    • To create CI unavailability where other CI unavailability already exists
    • To create CI unavailability from CIs associated with a request

    Get CI Impact/Urgency

    Sets the current release request's Impact and Urgency to the corresponding values of the selected CI.

    Get CI Product Categorization

    Sets the current release request's Product Categorization to that defined in the selected CI.

    Get Related Relationships

    Copies the relationships of the selected record to the release request's relationships. For more information, see Copying relationships.

    Modify Relationship Type

    Modifies the relationship type and enter a new description for the related item.

    Show Related Services

    Displays a list of Services impacted due to the CI.

  3. Click Execute.
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