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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Defining a service request

You can define a service request using the New Request wizard or from the Change and Incident Request forms.

Best Practice

We recommend using the New Request wizard as a simplified method of submitting service requests.

To define a service request

  1. From the Requester console, click Create a New Request.
    The New Request wizard opens.

    Pay careful attention to the following items for the Requester section:

    • If you are a registered user, the fields in the Requester section are filled from your People record. You can edit only the Phone and Email fields.
    • If you are an unknown user, the First Name and Last Name fields are filled with your login information. The Company is filled with the company name. Unknown users must enter information in the Phone and Email fields.
  2. Complete the required fields, as shown in bold with an asterisk.
    1. Select a definition from the Summary list that you have defined.
      If the list does not contain the specific request to log, you need to create the summary definition. For more information about creating summary definitions, see Configuring summary definitions for the Request Wizard.


      If Change Management and Incident Management is installed, entering a summary or ad hoc request generates an incident request. If only Change Management is installed, a change request is generated.

      If you select a summary definition that is an incident request, related solution database entries appear in the Possible Solutions table. If Problem Management is not installed, possible solutions do not appear for manually entered summaries.
      If there is a solution database entry that might be valid, click the entry, and then click View. Review the solution entry. If the solution resolves your request, click Use Solution.
      If you choose a matching solution, the solution entry is related your request and the request is resolved automatically.

    2. Select an urgency level for your request.
    3. If you do not have a record in the People form, enter your company, first name and last name.
    4. (Optional) Click Add Attachment to enter request work information. You can include a note or an attachment.
  3. Complete the optional fields:
    • Date Required — Enter a date by when you require that this request to be completed.


      If a change request is created for the service request, the date is populated as the Requested Date on the Date/System tab of the Change request.

    • Phone — Enter or edit your phone number.
    • Email — Enter or edit your email address.
  4. Click Save.
    The request appears in the My Requests table.
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