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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Copying relationships

When you define a relationship between the current change and another change, the other change request might also have one or more changes related to it. On the Relationships tab opened from the Copy Related Relationships form, you can see the related change's other relationships. If you determine that any of these other relationships need to be related to the current change, you can define the relationship from this form.

By doing this, you can more thoroughly document the change relationships.

To copy relationships

  1. Open the change request, and then click the Relationships tab.
  2. Select a change related to the current change.
  3. From the Quick Actions list, select Get Related Relationships, and then click Execute.
    The Copy Related Relationships form appears, containing a table of all other records related to the record you selected in Step 2.
  4. From the table of related items, select the other items to relate to the current change.


    To see a detailed description of an item in the table, select it, and then click View. Use this feature to help determine whether to relate the other item to the current change.

  5. In the Relationship Type field, select the type of relationship to define, and then click Select.


    The contents of the Relationship Type list depends on the type of related item you are using to define the relationship.

    The newly created relationship appears in the Relationships table. For more information, see Performing additional functions with relationships.

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