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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Bypassing the approval process for emergency changes

You can configure emergency change requests to bypass some approval phases. To bypass the approval process for emergency changes, you must create a new record on the Approval Process Configuration form.

To bypass the approval process for emergency changes

  1. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
    The Approval Process Configuration form appears.

    Creating Emergency approval process
    (Click the image to expand it.)

  2. From the Application Settings list, select Foundation > Advanced Options > Approval Process Configuration, and then click Open.
  3. Select the Form Name and Company for this approval process (for example, Calbro Services).
  4. Select Enabled for the status.
  5. Set the System Approval Flag to Yes so that no approvers can be mapped to this process on the Approval Mapping form.
    If no approvers are mapped when the emergency approval process is called, the No Approvers approval state then applies, and the change request is approved. This setting allows you to track the approval process, but the change request is not held up waiting for approvals in the emergency case.
  6. Enter a phase name, for example, Emergency.
  7. Select a process name.
  8. Click the Status Flow tab.
  9. Select the Begin, Approved, Rejected, and Approved states for the process.
    For more information, see Approval states on the Status Flow tab.
  10. Click the Additional Qualifications tab.

    Additional Qualifications tab
    (Click the image to expand it.)

  11. Select Emergency in the Change Timing/Class list.
  12. Click Save.

When a change is created for Calbro Services, and Emergency is selected in the Class (Timing) field, the new approval process phase is used, bypassing the normal change states.

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