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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Best Practice view - Release Request form

The Best Practice view is an improved version of the Release Management form. In this view, the fields most commonly used for creating release requests are immediately visible. You can access additional, less frequently used functionality from the tabbed sections of the form or from the links in the navigation pane.

The following list outlines Best Practice view features:

  • Coordinator Group field — Use the Coordinator Group field to select a support group. The support groups that appear in the menu each have at least one member with a Release Coordinator functional role. From the Coordinator Group menu, you select the company, the organization, and then the support group. Only the selected support group name appears in the Coordinator Group field. You can type only a few characters and press Enter. If a unique match is found, the field is populated with the value or a list of coordinator groups is displayed from which you can select a value, if multiple matches are found.
  • Release Coordinator field — Use the Release Coordinator field to select a Release Coordinator. The people whose names appear on this menu belong to the support group selected in the Coordinator Group field and have a Release Coordinator functional role. You can type only a few characters and press Enter. If a unique match is found, the field is populated or if multiple matches are found a list of release coordinators belonging to the selected coordinator group is displayed from which you can select a value.
  • Service field — The Service field relates business service configuration items (CIs) to the release at the time it is created.
  • Template field — The Template field encourages the use of templates. For information about the benefits of using templates and how to select a template for a release request, see Selecting release templates.
  • Business Justification field — The Business Justification field indicates the business reason for the release request. It specifies the importance of the release so that the approvers can assess its magnitude.

The following figure illustrates the Best Practice view.
Release Request form — Best Practice view

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