This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Change Management.

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Troubleshooting an issue in approval mapping

You see multiple entries of the same change request for the same approval stage.

Symptom: When you try to approve a change request that relates to CIs of multiple CI types such as Disk Partition and Application, in the approval window, you see multiple entries for the same change request at the same approval stage.


The CIs that relate to the change request have the following conditions:

  • The CIs relate to a support group with the role of Supported by.
  • Atleast one member of the support group that is related to the CIs has a Change Approver functional role.
  • Only one CI type has the Group Based on a CI Role approval selected in Approver Mappings.


  1. Open Devstudio.
  2. Open the CHG:ChangeAssoc_AssetPeople_join.
  3. Right-click and select Add Fields from CHG:Associations.
  4. Double click the Lookup Keyword field. The Properties window is displayed.
    The following screenshot contains sample data:
  5. In the Join Information section, make sure the following join information exists.
  6. Open the CHG:ChangeApproverLookup_Common form.
  7. Double click the z2TH CI Association Join field to open the Properties window, click the Tree/Table property, edit the qualification to add the following information:
    ('Request ID02' = $Infrastructure Change ID$) AND ('PersonRole' = $Role$) AND EXTERNAL($z1D Char02$) AND ('Lookup Keyword' = $Lookup Keyword)
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