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Configuring approval mappings

This topic describes how to configure approval mappings. Approval mappings are applicable for level-type approval processes.

For the mapping to be applied to the selected phase, the values of the fields on the request must be the same as the values of the fields defined in the approval mapping. The approvers are selected based on an exact match to the configured approval mappings. A blank field in the approval mapping form implies any match.


You set up the approval mapping with the following values:

  • Approval for - Individual, First Name - Allen, Last Name - Allbrook, Approval Indicator - Change, Phase Name - Review
  • On the Impacted Area/CI tab: Company - Calbro Services, Organization - Information Technology, Department - Application Development

When the change reaches the Review approval phase, Allen Allbrook is listed in the Approvers table of the change only when one of the Impacted areas listed for the Change Request matches the following field values:

  • Company = Calbro Services
  • Organization = Information Technology
  • Department = Application Development

The mapping is not applied if any of these values are different.

Before you begin

Configure the approval processes. For more information about configuring approval processes, see Setting up approval process configuration records for your company.

Configuring approval mappings

  1. From the Application Administration console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. From the Application Settings list, select Approval > Approval Mappings of the application for which you want to configure approvals.
  3. Click Open.
  4. On the Approver Mappings form, select the appropriate value from Approval Indicator. For example for BMC Change Management, select Change.
    The form refreshes, and the appropriate tabs and fields for the selected approval indicator are displayed.


    Select the criteria that should be met to map an approver to the approval phase. The approver is mapped to the selected phase only when ALL the defined criteria are met.

  5. For Phase Name, select which approval phase needs an approval mapping in the application.
    Approval phases are used to define when the approval is required during the lifecycle of the application request and maps the Approval Process Name that will be used by the Approval Server. The mapping between the application status, Phase Name, and Approval Process is done in the Approval Process Configuration form.
    For example, Review phase for BMC Change Management indicates that the change will be sent for approval when it reaches the Request for Authorization status and will use the Change Level CI-IA - Review process.


    When you select a phase name, the Phase Company is automatically populated.


    Select a user who has access to the company selected in Phase Company.

  6. Enter information in the other fields as appropriate.

    Field name


    Approval For

    The options are as follows:

    • Individual—If you select this option, enter the individual's last name and press the Enter key. The Approver ID (or logon name) is automatically populated.
    • Group—If you select this option, the First Name, Last Name, and Approver ID fields are replaced by Support Company, Support Organization, and Support Group Name. Select the values for each field. The choices available in the Support Organization menu list depend on the option that you select for Support Company, and the choices available in the Support Group menu list depend on the option that you select for Support Organization.
    • Inherent Group/Role—If you select this option, the Inherent Group and Functional Role fields are displayed.
    • Individual Based on CI RoleThe individuals that are related to a CI by the following roles:
      • Approved By
      • Managed By
      • Created By
      • Owned By
      • Supported By
      • Used By
    • Group Based on CI RoleThe support groups that are related to a CI by the following roles:
      • Approved By
      • Managed By
      • Created By
      • Owned By
      • Supported By
      • Used By

    For more information, see Creating approval mappings for people and support groups related to CI for BMC Change Management.

    Note: If you select the Group option, all the users who belong to the support group and have the corresponding approver functional role (for example, Infrastructure Change Approver for BMC Change Management) are set up as approvers. By default, only one approver in the group must sign off on the approval before it can move to the next stage.

    First Name

    If you select Approval For Individual, this field appears. Enter the first name of the approver.

    Last Name

    If you select Approval For Individual, this field appears. Use auto-fill to enter the approver's last name.

    Approver ID

    If you select Approval For Individual, this read-only field appears. The Login ID of the approver is automatically included when you select the approver.

    Assignment Availability

    This is a read-only field and is auto-populated and synchronized automatically.

    • For individuals the value displayed based on the Profile status on the People form. If the value on the People form is Enabled, this value is set to Yes to specify that the individual is available for the approval.
    • For Support Group mapping, this value is set to Yes if the support group has at least one valid user with an Approval role (Infrastructure Change Approver for BMC Change Management).


    This field is auto-populated with the logon name of the person who is creating this approver mapping.


    Indicates the current status of the group or individual approving the request.

    For the approver mapping to be available, select a status of Enabled. To disable the approval mapping, select a status of Offline. All other status options are for informational purposes only.


    Specify the level of approval for the individual or group. The level number defines the routing sequence within the approval hierarchy. You enter a number to determine the order in which the approvers are defined.

    Approvers who are assigned lower numbers approve the requests before those who have higher numbers.


    Enter a description for this approver mapping.

    Support Company

    If you selected Approval For Group, enter the support company.

    Support Organization

    If you selected Approval For Group, enter the support organization.

    Support Group Name

    If you selected Approval For Group, enter the support group name.

    Inherent Group

    If you selected Approval For Inherent Group/Role, enter the inherent group name (for example, Change Assigned Group).

    Functional Role

    If you selected Approval For Inherent Group/Role, enter the functional role (for example, Infrastructure Change Approver).

  7. To specify the location, on the Impacted Area/CI tab, specify the Company, Region, Site Group, and Site fields. If required, specify the Organization and Department for the impacted area.
    This maps the approval process when the location matches the change location specified for the Requester of the change request. For an example on adding IA information to approval mapping, see Approvals generated based on Impacted Areas.
  8. To specify the CI, on the Impacted Area/CItab, specify whether the CI is selected by type or by name.
    • If you select On CI Type, select a specific CI type from the menu.
    • If you select On CI Name, enter the name of a specific CI.
  9. To map approvers based on additional criteria, complete the fields on the additional tabs displayed. The tabs and fields displayed on each tab displayed depends on the Approval Indicator selected. For example, if you select Change, the Categorization, Role, and Advanced Criteria tabs are displayed.

The approval mapping now applies when values specified on a record exactly match the values selected in the approval mapping.

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