This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Change Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing approvers for a change request

In the Approvers table on the Work Detail tab of the Infrastructure Change form, you can see the approvers for the change request.

Initially, the Approvers table displays all pending reviewers for the current approval phase. The Show list provides filters so that you can display all approvers or a subset of approvers. The following filters are provided:




Displays approvers whose approval is pending.

Important: If an alternate approver has been configured for a change approval, the user name of the alternate approver is displayed irrespective of the logged on user. However, when viewing the Approved list, if an Override Only Admin user is logged on, the Admin user's name is displayed in the Alternate Approver column.


Displays approvers who have already approved the change request.

Important: When you log on as a Override Only Admin and the change has been approved or rejected by an alternate approver, the Alternate Approver column displays your user name instead of the alternate approver.


Displays approvers who have already rejected the change request


Displays approvers who have put the approval of the change request on hold

More Information

Displays approvers who have requested for more information to approve the change request


Displays approvals that were cancelled


Displays approvals that encountered errors


Displays approvals that have been closed

Future Approvers

Displays approvers for future stages of the change request, regardless of whether you have configured an approval mapping or not. This filter is useful when a change request must go through multiple approval phases.

If the change was moved to a previous stage, displays pending approvals for the phases that will occur in future.

If no approval mapping is detected for a particular stage, the list of approvers for that stage appears as NONE.

Tip: To see which approvers are required for a specific future phase, view the future approvers and sort on the process column.

All Approvers

Displays all approvers for all stages of the change request if approval mappings have been configured. This list including approvers who have already approved or rejected the change request.

If the change was moved to a previous stage, displays all existing signatures that were generated for the already occurred phases, and any future signatures associated to the change request.

For each approver, the Approvers table displays the following information:

  • The approval status, such as Approved or Pending


    The value of the approver Self indicates that the request submitter has the required authority to approve the change request and does not require any additional approvers to take action. This request is considered to be a self-approved request. A self approval rule is defined in the approval process for this option.

  • The approver's logon ID and name
  • The approval process, such as Change Level-Review
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