This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Change Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Release form functional areas

The Release form is used to request a release and track the progress from initiation to completion. This form also shows the impact that the release has to the organization. The Release form is used to assign tasks to different support groups, and you can associate the release to configuration items that are being modified.

Release form and its functional areas

Before you begin searching, creating, or modifying information in the Release form, you must understand the information relationships involved in the different areas of this form. First, you must create assignment mappings to assign a release to a Release Management support group, to an individual, or to both. An individual in the Release Management group must assume the role of Release Coordinator. For information about functional roles and assignment mappings, see Functional roles and extended application access  and Mapping assignments .

The Release form provides an excellent example of the level of integration that can occur between the various modules available among the Remedy ITSM suite as a release request can occur due to an incident, a change to a configuration item, or a known error correction as a result of problem investigation.

You might see additional links appear in the navigation pane for applications that are installed in addition to Change Management.

The Release form has the following functional areas:

Release form functional areas

Form area


Release form header

Breadcrumb bar

A navigation aid that contains links to related records that you opened from the current release record.

Breadcrumb navigation controls

  • Back button — Takes you back one link in the breadcrumb trail
  • Forward button — Takes you forward one link in the breadcrumb trail. The Forward button is only visible if you have returned to a record on the breadcrumb trail that you previously viewed.
  • Drop-down menu — Contains links to all the records that you viewed from the current release record, including records that are not currently visible in breadcrumb trail
  • Home icon — Takes you to the IT Home page

Process Flow Status bar

Click the milestones in the Process Flow Status bar to steps you through the release request lifecycle from the Initiate milestone to the Close Down milestone.

View Broadcasts

Opens the View Broadcasts dialog box. For information, see Working with broadcasts.

Navigation pane


Performs the following actions:

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