This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Change Management.

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Basic task group templates - Sequencing type

Creating a sequencing type of task group template offers the most basic functionality of task group templates. Sequencing type task templates are also the easiest for administrators to create. The sequence of tasks in a basic task group template occurs in the strict order that the administrator defines. As a result, administrators and users do not need to handle complicated qualifications in the task flow.

If needed, users can change the sequence at runtime.


When you are designing your basic task group template, remember that task group templates can include task templates but also other task group templates. Adding task group templates to your basic task group template can easily complicate the sequence of tasks offered to users.

To change the sequencing of tasks in a task group, you must have Administrator permissions or be a user with Unrestricted Access permissions. 

Basic template definitions in TMS

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