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Customizing after installation

This section describes how to customize the BMC Change Accumulation utility of the Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS (BRS) product and the CHANGE ACCUMULATION PLUS (CHAMP) product. 

The BMC Change Accumulation utility is shipped with internal defaults that were carefully chosen to be optimal for most installations. You cannot change these default values, but you can override them by creating a global options module or by using keywords on control statements. If you do not create a global options module, the Change Accumulation utility uses the internal default values for the change accumulation run. There is a default value for every processing option. If the default is none, then blanks are considered the default value for that option.

Before you change the default value of a keyword, you should have a general understanding of that keyword. All of the keywords included in a global options module are included in the ISPF panels documented in Using the ISPF interface. Also, CAPSYSIN keywords tells you whether a keyword is used in the global options module.

This section contains the following topics:

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