Virtual marketplaces and entitlements

Virtual marketplaces link end users to the services and bundles they can view and request, and banners they can view in BMC Digital Workplace.

By using the intuitive entitlements management interface, service catalog administrators, asset managers, and internal service suppliers can create virtual marketplaces to entitle users to published services, bundles, and banners.

The following topics describe virtual marketplaces and entitlements:

The concept of virtual marketplace

The following diagram shows a Virtual marketplace 1 created by the service catalog administrator. User 1, User 2, and User group 1 are entitled to request Service A, Service B, and Service bundle EF, and view Banner 1 and Banner 2 in the BMC Digital Workplace.

VM concept

How services appear to entitled users

Because the virtual marketplace entitlement model is specific to Catalog, service catalog administrators assign users to virtual marketplaces based on the type of services they require. The entitlements assigned through virtual marketplaces control the Catalog items that users can view and request from the BMC Digital Workplace catalog.


BMC Digital Workplace follows only the entitlement rules that are set up in virtual marketplaces and ignores any existing entitlement rules in the third-party systems.

The service catalog administrator and internal service supplier can enable full catalog view to give all users the capability to request services from the entire catalog.

  • If full catalog view is not enabled, users see only the items that they are entitled to request. Services that the user is not entitled to request are not shown.
  • If full catalog view is enabled, users can request any items that are not in the restricted entitlements list. The service tiles of the items that users are entitled to request display a Company preferred badge.

The following illustration shows the service tiles as they appear in BMC Digital Workplace.

Entitling users to services in the virtual marketplaces

In a virtual marketplace, you can add any BMC Digital Workplace user who is in the Catalog user database. You can add users to virtual marketplaces in any of the following ways:

Administrative functions

Service catalog administrators have the additional super powers for maintaining virtual marketplaces described in the following table:

Enable full catalog viewEnabled full catalog view allows all users to view and request all services and bundles in the catalog, unless the items are included in the restricted entitlements list.
Maintain restricted itemsRestricted services and bundles are not shown to end users when the full catalog view is enabled. Only entitled users can view and request them.
View entitled services by userCatalog administrator can review what services and banners are available to a selected user.
Delete virtual marketplacesCatalog administrator can delete unnecessary virtual marketplaces.

For more information about service catalog administrator capabilities, see Administrative entitlement functions.

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