Setting service level agreements

The Service Level Agreements (SLA) section is where you would include optional information to capture the terms of service agreed upon by an organization and the service supplier who provides the service. SLAs contain text, documents, and individually assigned metrics which can be tracked and displayed in reports.


To use this feature, you must be logged in as a Service Catalog Administrator or Service Supplier Administrator.

To add Service Level Agreement (SLA) information

Perform this procedure while viewing the Service Options.

  1. Click SLA to open the Service Level Agreement panel.
  2. Enter a text version in Description.
  3. Attach file resources and links.

Adding metrics to track performance

You can add trackable metrics to measure the consumption of service catalog items:

Trackable metricComments
Provisioning TimeSpecified in days, hours, or minutes.
Service Availability

Promised reliability and quality of service, with description and a measurable percentage.

Response Time

Expected time to receive a response from support. Up to four severity levels can be monitored: Low, Medium, High, and Critical.

Where to go from here

Service approval and publishing

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