Catalog administrator responsibilities

As a service catalog administrator, you can manage all aspects of your service catalog, and can extend management capabilities to other members of your team:

  • Create and maintain services.
  • Develop process workflows and questionnaires.
  • Entitle business users to request services using virtual marketplaces.

Review the features listed below, and follow the links to learn more about the capabilities of this flexible digital service management and delivery platform.

Create and publish service catalog items

You add services by creating a catalog profile, which gives useful information about the service, a workflow to define the fulfillment process, and a questionnaire to collect information from the user at the time of the request. You define the structure of the catalog profile by creating service templates.

Additional information that you can save with the service include price and cost adjustment, quantity range limits, and service level agreements.

You can also populate a service catalog by importing items from external systems.

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Maintain multiple service versions and revisions


Catalog versions enable a service catalog administrator or internal service supplier to base the details of a new service catalog on an existing item. The new version can be modified to act as a different service, with its own revision history and details.

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Set service price, cost adjustments, and allow users to order multiples

As a service catalog administrator or internal service supplier, when you edit a service or a bundle, you can add pricing and cost adjustments together in one section. You can also set quantity range limits, to allow users to request multiples of a service, multiples of a bundle, and multiples of individual services within bundles.

Go to Service Options > Cost & Quantity to set one-time and recurring costs and apply cost adjustments and offsets.

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Import and manage multi-level categories

Catalog provides three levels of categories that service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can use to organize services in the catalog.

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Entitle users to be able to request services

Service catalog administrators, asset managers, and supplier administrators create virtual marketplaces to collect published services, bundles, and banners, to entitle to users individually, and in groups.

Define workflows with conditional questions processing

Catalog uses the workflow designer tool. The workflow designer is a visual tool based on Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN) standards. It has elements that can be dragged and dropped on the canvas to create a process.

Service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can create workflows that send actions to fulfill service requests through connected systems. There is also a generic connector for integrating with any application that enables web service access through REST API calls.

The following animated video shows how you can create a process workflow.

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Attach questionnaire forms to service workflows

Service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can create question forms for BMC Digital Workplace users to complete when submitting requests. Questionnaires share a many to one relationship with workflows. Different services may display unique question sets which are associated with the same workflow.

Also, when you delete a workflow, all questions associated with that workflow are deleted as well.

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