Approving business requests

This topic describes approval process for business requests.

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Business request approvals

When end users request a service in BMC Digital Workplace, the approval request is routed to all the required approvers according to the rules of the approval process. Approval rules are defined in Innovation Suite, and can be a attached to cases visible in BMC Business Workflows. 

The following roles are involved in the approval process:

  • Process administrators who set up and modify approvals

  • Users requesting approval (requesters)
  • Users approving requests (approvers)

When an approver receives an approval request, the approver can either approve, reject, or place a request on hold.

Pending approval requests are displayed in the approver's News Feed timeline; on their Approvals page in  My Activity; and in the bell notifications.

The approval request contains the following information:

  • Request ID, Summary, Icon, Priority, Description, Status fields
  • Requested by username
  • ApproveReject, and On Hold buttons.

Configuring approval notifications

Requesters and approvers are notified of changes for all types of approval requests when logged in to BMC Digital Workplace. Some of your business users, however, may prefer to receive notifications only for certain types of service requests. You can limit the approval notifications that users receive when they are logged in to BMC Digital Workplace. The approval configuration applies to your entire organization and cannot be used to set preferences for individual users of BMC Digital Workplace. In a multitenant environments, you can have separate configurations for each tenant.

To configure approval notifications:

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin, select Configuration > Enable Features.
  2. From Approvals, select the approval for which you want to enable approval request notifications. 

The user will receive notifications only for the specified service types.

Disabling approvals on hold option

A business user who is an approver can choose to either approve, reject, or put a request on hold. If your business needs specify that a request not be put on hold, you can choose to disable the on hold option.

To hide the On Hold button

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin, select Configuration > Enable Features.
  2. From Approvals, clear the Put Approvals on hold option. 
    Approvers will no longer have the option to place requests on hold.

Approval rules are defined in Innovation Suite, and can be a attached to cases visible in BMC Business Workflows. For more information on approvals, see Using Approval library in the Innovation Suite documentation.

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