Adding and updating services

Adding service catalog items directly gives you the most control over the details you provide so that your end users can make informed decisions when searching for services to help them do their work. The instructions for adding and updating the details of a service catalog item also apply when changing existing service catalog items.

You must be logged in as a service catalog administrator or internal service supplier to be able to manage service catalog items. Collect the images, text, and other media to include in the service catalog profile for each service. The specific information required depends on the service type template used for each service.

Adding and modifying services


Before you create a new service, ensure the images, text, and other media resources that will be included in the catalog profile are available to upload from your computer.

  1. Go to Service Management > My Services.
  2. Click Create New > Service.
  3. Enter the following information:

    Service NameSpecify a descriptive name for this service.
    Service TemplateSelect a template from the dropdown list.
    VersionAny text value can be used as a version.
    You may also leave the field blank.
  4. Click Create Service.

The service is created in Draft status, but you must complete the required fields in the catalog profile and service options in order for this service to be consumable.

Adding or updating details about a service catalog item

This section describes the components of the catalog profile.

Catalog profile sections

The number and type of fields presented in the catalog profile depend on the service template used for the service.

FieldGuideline for use
Mandatory fields (for all templates except built-in IT Request)
Service Logo

Upload a square image (512 x 512 px recommended.) A number of image file formats are supported (refer to the application tool tip). The image will be converted to a PNG file for use in the catalog preview.

Service ExcerptEnter up to 105 characters to display on the service tile. Longer excerpts will be shortened to include the last complete word before the 105th character mark.
Service Description

There is always one description field in every service template.

Optional fields (the fields may vary depending on the specific template used)
Upload Media

Attach media for display in the preview carousel.

Upload up to five images (892 x 280 px or scaled proportionately) in any of the file formats specified in the application tool tip. The image will be converted to .png format for storage and viewing in the catalog profile preview.

Include up to two YouTube video URLs in the format:{video_id} . Short links that begin with are not supported.

CategoriesAssign Categories and Subcategories to three levels deep. The categories shown may be a short list of visible categories selected in the template.
TagsEnter free-form Tags to aid the user's ability to find the service using the search filters.
File resources and linksAttach any files or enter URLs that may help the self-service user work with this service.

Select between Internal Workflow (default) or External Method. The external method directs the user to a specific website URL where users are to complete the fulfillment outside of the system. The external method is designed for use with third-party systems like airline and hotel reservations, event registration, and legacy information systems.

Services fulfilled via External Method will not appear inCatalogreports. However, the click through to the external URL will be tracked.

Previewing the service catalog item details

Completed service form

Preview details

Where to go from here

Service approval and publishing

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