Volumes page in the NetApp Systems view

The Volumes page in the NetApp Systems view enables you to obtain any information about the volumes available in your environment.   

To access the page, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, click Capacity > Storage > NetApp Systems, and in the NetApp Systems page, click the Volumes tab.

Metrics per volumes are displayed in a tabular format. Each row in the table represents a volume and displays the following metrics:





Name of the volume.Not applicableNAME
NetApp SystemName of the NetApp System.Not applicableNETAPP_CONTAINS_VOLUME
TypeType of the volume.Not applicableST_VOLUME_TYPE
StateState of the volume.Not applicableST_VOLUME_STATE
Space GuaranteeSpace allocated for a volume from its containing aggregate--whether the space is preallocated for the entire volume or for only the reserved files or LUNs in the volume, or whether space for user data is not preallocated.Average on the latest dayST_VOLUME_SPACE_GUARANTEE
Size [GB]Overall size of the component in Gigabytes.Average on the latest dayST_SIZE
Capacity [GB] Total capacity in Gigabytes.Not applicableST_CAPACITY
Committed Size [GB]Total capacity committed to the NetApp Volumes in the aggregate. The committed capacity can be larger than the aggregate capacity.Average on the latest dayST_COMMITTED_CAPACITY
Available Capacity [GB] Capacity not consumed in Gigabytes.Average on the latest dayST_AVAILABLE_CAPACITY
Available Capacity [%]Percentage of capacity not consumed.Average on the latest dayST_AVAILABLE_CAPACITY_PCT
Consumed Capacity [GB]  Capacity actually consumed in Gigabytes.Average on the latest dayST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY
Consumed Capacity [%]Percentage of the volume subscribed capacity that has been actually consumed by the host. Will be typically less than 100% for thin volumes. Will be exactly 100% for all traditional volumes. Can be greater than 100% when the NetApp system saves additional metadata that are not taken into account in the volume's capacity.Average on the latest dayST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY_PCT
Days to Saturation

The projected number of days before the volume runs out of available capacity. The value of this metric is automatically computed in the volume related data mart and reported as follows:

  • 'Not saturated' (green): The number of days to saturation is greater than 99999
  • 'Saturated' (red): The number of days to saturation equals -1
  • 'N/A': Not enough data to compute the value.
  • In any other case, the metric reports the number of days to saturation as computed in the data mart.
Not applicableNot applicable

To view details for a specific volume

To view the details page for a particular volume, click its (hyper-linked) name under the Volume column.

The details page displays information for the storage volume under the following sections or panels:

Section or PanelDescription
Summary page

A quick summary of all the capacity and traffic information available for the volume.

Configuration Details page

Configuration information about the volume. The information displayed in this page depends on the configuration data metrics available in the entity. They are described in the ETL User Documentation.


All information available about the volume quotas (type, tree, hard and soft limit, threshold, etc.)


To find a specific NetApp System

Use the sorting and filtering options on the page to find a specific NetApp system. For more information, see Sorting a table in the TrueSight console and Using filtering options in the TrueSight console.

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