Viewing the near real-time status of the data warehouse components


The Core Services - Near-real-time Warehouse service page displays near real-time status of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization data warehouse components.

To access this page:

  1. Log in to the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console.
  2. Click Administration > DATA WAREHOUSE > Status.
  3. In the Processing section, click Processing details.
    The Core Services - Near-real-time Warehouse service page is displayed. 

The page displays the following tables:

  • Processing status
    This table provides the following information about the data warehouse queues:

    TimestampThe current date and time (updated every 5 minutes).
    StructureCan be one of the following: APPL (domain), SYS (system), or WKLD (business driver).
    Thread launcherName of the thread launcher (*).
    Active threadsNumber of threads concurrently running for the last sample.
    Queue lengthNumber of series still to be processed for the last sample.

    Estimated processing time

    Values for this column are derieved using QueueLength/SeriesThroughput. This estimate indicates how long we can expect a request to stay in queue maximum based on how fast is the processing now. It uses HH:MM format to display the estimated processing time.

    For example, If you have left the datahub off during weekend. When you start you have 10,000 series in the queue (QLen) and Throughput is now 10 series/sec. So you can expect to be done with all requests in 1000 seconds. So a series will have to wait a max of 1000 seconds in the queue before you can see the results.

    How to use: It would be handy in recovery situations to understand when the entire queue will be done based on throughput. In general it could give good information for cases with low throughput to understand if the DWH is accumulating delay.

    Series throughput [series/s]
    Number of series processed per second.
    Processing throughput [rows/s]
    Number of processing per second; typically, the number of rows.
  • Daily and monthly rollup
    The following table provides information about the time series data that is aggregated daily or monthly.

    TimestampThe current date and time.
    StructureCan be one of the following: APPL (domain), SYS (system), or WKLD (business driver).
    StatusThe status of the warehouse job, such as completed or failed.
    Aggregation levelThe level of data aggregation, such as daily or monthly.
    Average series throughput The average throughput of the series that are processed.
    Processed seriesThe number of series that are processed.

    Processing time

    The processing time of the time series data in hours.

    Prev. 7 days throughput (series/s)The throughput of the processed series over the last 7 days.

Remote component commands

You can run several service commands on the data warehouse components.

RunRuns the service.
PausePauses the service.
On demand processingWakes up the service.
Reload configurationReload the service's configuration.
Show logDisplays the Log of Core Services - Near-real-time Warehouse service table. The table contains the details of logs that are generated for the warehousing activities. Click Show queues status at the top to navigate back to the queue status page.
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