vFilers/Vservers page in the NetApp Systems view

The vFilers/Vservers page in the NetApp Systems view enables you to obtain any information about the vFilers/Vservers available in your environment.   

To access the page, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, click Capacity > Storage > NetApp Systems, and in the NetApp Systems page, click the vFilers/Vservers tab.

Metrics per vFiler/Vserver are displayed in a tabular format. Each row in the table represents a vFiler/Vserver and displays the following metrics:





Name of the vFiler/Vserver.Not applicableNAME
NetApp SystemName of the NetApp System.Not applicableNETAPP_CONTAINS_FILER
Filer TypeType of filer.Not applicableST_TYPE
Number of VolumesNumber of volumes in the vFiler/Vserver.Not applicableCount of NetApp Volumes related to the NetApp vFiler / NetApp Vserver
Capacity [GB]Total capacity in Gigabytes.Not applicableSum of ST_CAPACITY for the related NetApp Volume
Consumed Capacity [GB] Capacity actually consumed in Gigabytes.Average on the latest daySum of ST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY for the related NetApp Volume
Consumed Capacity [%]Percentage of the vFiler/Vserver subscribed capacity that has been actually consumed by the host.Average on the latest dayST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY / ST_CAPACITY
CPU Utilization [%]Percentage of used CPU.Average on the latest dayCPU_UTIL


To find a specific NetApp System

Use the sorting and filtering options on the page to find a specific NetApp system. For more information, see Sorting a table in the TrueSight console and Using filtering options in the TrueSight console.

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