Upgrading an ETL package

This topic describes the steps to upgrade an ETL module that has already been activated. This may be necessary in different situations. For instance:

  • You encountered problems while activating the project.
  • An issue was detected after a module was activated.
  • An improved module is available.

If you create a new workspace in Integration Studio, import the new project template, and try to activate it again, you will get an error such as: Another module with file name <ETLname> already exists in production.

The following procedure describes a workaround that prevents the error.

  1. Refresh the TrueSight Capacity Optimization repository.

  2. Download the original module project from BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization. From the Capacity Optimization Repository, right-click on the desired project, and click Download project.

  3. Select the folder where the project will be downloaded.


    If you want to keep a copy of the ETL project on your disk, do not overwrite it. Repeat the procedure, and select a different download folder.

  4. After the download has completed, right-click the project name in the Package Explorer tab and click Import.

  5. In the pop-up window that appears, click General > Archive File > Next.

  6. Select the archive for the new module (for example, myETL.zip), clear the Overwrite existing resources without warning option, and click Finish.

    All the new archive files are imported into the existing project.

  7. Click Yes to overwrite all the original files except project.xml, to retain the original projectid.

  8. After the import procedure is complete, right-click on the project name and click Close Project.

  9. Right-click on the project name, and click Open Project to refresh all the project information.

  10. Activate the module. For more information, see Activating a custom parser module or Activating a custom extractor module.
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