Tuning and managing the Data Warehouse

Updating the data warehouse (DWH) is one of the most important activities of TrueSight Capacity Optimization. The Data Warehouse administration menu lets you inspect and tune the mechanisms that control it. To access the Data Warehouse menus, click Data Warehouse from the Administration tab.

The available options of the Data Warehouse menu are described in the following topics:

Related topics


Near-Real-Time Warehousing is a process that stores, organizes and calculates statistics for the collected data. This service is always running inside the Data Hub.

Data flow reports allow you to keep TrueSight Capacity Optimization imports under control, as the number of rows processed per day is a good indicator of the system's health.

When performing historical imports (for example, if you are planning to bulk load more than two million rows), it is strongly recommended to split the data in smaller chunks, limiting the amount of information processed at one time. This prevents congestion in the Near-Real-Time Warehouse engine.

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