Server views

The Server views enable you to manage the capacity and performance of the following systems:

  • UNIX or Windows machines running directly on hardware with agent data collection. These systems appear as Generic type in TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
  • Windows or Linux virtual machines with agent data collection from inside the virtual machines. These systems appear as Virtual Node type in TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
  • UNIX partitions with agent data collection from inside the partitions. These systems appear as Virtual Machine type in TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

Certified data sources

 The certified data sources for these views are as follows:

You must configure and run one of these ETL modules to import data into the view. If you are importing data from an ETL module other than the certified data source, then ensure that you have all the metrics populated in the ETL module so that the view shows the data.


Certain metrics are required for these views. If the metrics are not imported into the TrueSight Capacity Optimization Data Warehouse, then corresponding columns are blank. Particularly for Data Explorer view for this platform, you must import specific metrics for some of the charts to be available.

Data visibility

The Server views display data for all systems of the following types:

  • Generic
  • Virtual Machine - AIX LPAR
  • Virtual Machine - AIX Shared Processor LPAR
  • Virtual Machine - HP Integrity
  • Virtual Machine - Solaris LDOM
  • Virtual Node - Hyper-V
  • Virtual Node - KVM
  • Virtual Node - VMware
  • Virtual Node - Xen


The virtual machines of the AIX LPAR, AIX Shared Processor LPAR, and AIX VIO LPAR system types are displayed only when the LPAR_INSTRUMENTED value is true in the AIX PowerVM Partitions page. LPAR_INSTRUMENTED=true indicates that an agent has been deployed inside the LPAR to collect configuration and performance data.


The following video (3:29) provides a brief introduction of the Server views.

Using the views

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