Retrieving additional metrics using the derived metrics hierarchy rule

If Gateway Server ETLs are importing data linked to IBM AIX or Oracle Solaris platforms, a hierarchy rule is created to retrieve additional metrics at the box/container and pool level, for example Capacity Optimization Agents derived metrics. The hierarchy rule is created as active, and is configured to recover actual data. Aggregate series are valid from today on; if you need to perform a historical recovery on data, you have to manually activate the hierarchy rule by using the Current period option (if your data is within 30 days) or by using a specific time filter in the Historical recovery option.

Derived metric hierarchy rules can not be executed automatically after the ETL is run. These rules are executed in a batch automatically as part of the the scheduled run of the hierarchy manager. In this run, the hierarchy manager only computes one day back in time. When you import data for the first time, you must navigate to the hierarchy rule and execute it manually after specifying the data import period.

Gateway Server metrics hierarchy rule

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