Hosts to Volumes page in the Hosts view

The Hosts to Volumes page in the Hosts view enables you to get more information about the volume mapped to a specific host and more especially:

  • the name of the volume
  • the name and type of storage pool attached to the volume
  • the RAID level used
  • the tiering policy applied
  • the capacity exposed to the host and consumed by the host.
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To access the page, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, click Capacity > Storage > Hosts, and in the Hosts view page, click the Hosts to Volumes tab.

Metrics per host are displayed in a tabular format. 

By default, some columns are hidden. You can show or hide columns using the action menuthat is located next to the table title.

Each row in the table represents a host and displays the following metrics, which are computed from the Volumes Mapping Table page.

Host-related metrics are not available when the option Disabled and Collected for metric computation (Default) are selected in the ETL additional settings. Refer to Customizing Volumes and Shares Monitoring for more information.





Name of the host. Depending on the information available, the value will either be the entity name, the collected host name or the collected WWN or IQN. For more information, see Displaying the entity name in the Host column.

Not applicable

Grouping criteria from Volumes Mapping Table
Host TypeHost type.Not applicableHost Type from Volumes Mapping Table
Storage SystemName of the storage system.Not applicableSA_CONTAINS_VOLUME
VendorSystem vendor.Not applicable ST_SYSTEM_VENDOR
RAID LevelRAID level of the volume (if available).Not applicable

ST_VOLUME_RAID_LEVEL when available
or ST_POOL_RAID_LEVEL when available,
otherwise '-'

Storage PoolName of the storage pool associated to the volume.Not applicableSP_CONTAINS_VOLUME
Pool TypeType of the storage pool associated to the volume.Not applicableST_POOL_TYPE
Pool Service LevelLevel of service required. This information is not collected by the storage connectors but specified by the Administrator from the Workspace or a dedicated ETL.Not applicableST_POOL_SERVICE_LEVEL
Volume Tiering PolicyTiering policy applied to the volume.Not applicableST_TIERING_POLICY
Storage VolumeName of the volume.Not applicableNAME
Consumed Capacity [GB]Capacity actually consumed in Gigabytes.Average on the latest day Sum of BYHOST_SIZE for the volumes that share the same Host
Host Visible Capacity [GB]Amount of capacity exposed to the host (i.e. subscribed capacity) in Gigabytes.Not applicableSum of BYHOST_ALLOCATED for the volumes that share the same Host

To find a specific host

Use the sorting and filtering options on the page to find a specific host. For more information, see Sorting a table in the TrueSight console and Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console.

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