Editing and managing saved virtualization studies

To view, edit, or delete a saved study, click Saved Studies in the task pane. The Saved Studies page lists all of the studies that have been saved.

After reviewing a saved study, you can edit the basic parameters for the study, and run the study again.

To view or edit saved studies

Follow the steps given below to view saved studies that were previously created:

  1.  Click Saved Studies in the navigation pane.
  2. Click Edit/View next to the study that you want to edit.
    • If the domain, entity filter and time range used when creating the study (see Selecting data for a virtualization study) are different than what is currently active, you will be prompted with the following "Attempt to load data used when study was created?" 
      • If you want to only change parameters values like threshold, new hardware configurations, affinity and assignments, click Cancel to work with the data of the saved study without reloading (this is the faster option).
      • If you want to add more candidates and targets to the study, click OKto attempt to reload the data used when the study was created.
        • Reloading the data may take a long time
        • If the data used to originally create the study is not available, an error message may be displayed and you should follow steps 1 and 2 again, but click  Cancel at the prompt
        Note: if the data used to originally create the study is active, you can change more options of the study (like adding candidates and other targets) when editing
    • One of the following screens will be displayed after you click Edit /View
      • Targets - For studies that have been saved but not consolidated
      • Consolidation Results - For completed studies saved on the Results page
  3. After modifying or viewing the saved study, you may again click Save Study to save changes you have made, either to the same or different name.
  4. You can also export the study to a different format by clicking View Results as PDF, View Results as RTF, or View Results as XLS. In addition, you can Print the study.

To delete saved studies

Follow the steps given below to delete one or more studies:

  1. Select the check box corresponding to one or more studies.
  2. Click Delete Selected to delete the saved studies.

To convert scenarios to studies

Follow the steps given below to convert one or more consolidation view scenarios to a study:

  1. Click Convert Scenarios.


    This button will be available only if consolidation view scenarios exist in the system.

  2. Select check box corresponding to the Scenarios listed and enter a Study Name.
  3. Click Convert.

    The scenarios will be converted to studies and listed on the Saved Studies screen.
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