Defining and viewing chargeback information

Chargeback in TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides support for defining and visualizing chargeback information, for example, cost models and target hierarchies, and automatically generating chargeback reports.

Before you begin

To configure and use chargeback it is a prerequisite that you have a source of data about the entities and metrics on which you want to account costs. Following are the prerequisites tasks that should be performed before you use chargeback:

  • The business or technical service to be charged for should be created, either using Out-of-the-box ETL modules or should be added manually.
  • The systems contained in the service should be created, either using ETL modules (OOTB or custom) or should be added manually.
  • The relationships between the service and the systems in it should be created, either using ETL modules (OOTB or custom) or should be added manually.
  • The metrics on these systems should be loaded if any allocation or utilization based chargeback is to be calculated using ETL modules (OOTB or custom).

Chargeback for Enterprise

For Enterprise-specific use cases, the Chargeback solution in TrueSight Capacity Optimization requires the configuration and maintenance of targets, hierarchies, cost models and cost objects to be defined manually. You can perform these configuration tasks only if the 'Chargeback section - Edit' activity is assigned to your user role. For more information, Adding and managing roles.

For more information, see Viewing chargeback data and report for an enterprise.

Systems tasks for Chargeback

Following system tasks are available for Chargeback reporting and calculation:

  • Chargeback Daily Reports
  • Chargeback Weekly Reports
  • Chargeback Monthly Reports
  • Chargeback Quarterly Reports
  • Chargeback Store Task

To view and manage these tasks in TrueSight Capacity Optimization:

  1. Select AdministrationETL & System Tasks > System Tasks.
  2. In the System tasks table, scroll down to locate or filter by name to display all Chargeback tasks.
  3. Click the hyper-linked name of the task or click  (View details) in the corresponding row to open the details page for the task.

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