Data collection requirements

Network segment metrics

To collect network segment metrics, you must install the Network Monitor Agent. For information about installing the Network Monitor agent, contact your system administrator. For information about the metrics associated with NT Network Segment Statistics, see NT Network Segment Statistics.

TCP IP metrics

To collect the TCP/UDP configuration metrics, ensure that the SNMP service is installed.

Impact of data collection on NT User Configuration metrics

Data collection in Microsoft Windows for the domain controller causes the NT User Configuration metrics to be extremely large in size, which can have the following effect:

  • High CPU utilization by the bgscollect process on the computer
  • Creation of large NT User Configuration UDR data files

To control the amount of data collected for this metric group

  1. Modify (or create, if one does not exist) the Collect.cfg configuration file so that it matches the following syntax:

        MAX_USER_RECORDS = 500
  2. Restart the Capacity Agent on the remote computer.

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