Configuring uncataloged systems for data collection

You can configure uncataloged systems to collect recent data for adhoc performance analysis in the Investigate tool. Systems for which you do not require the data to be stored in the data warehouse are considered as uncataloged systems. The recent data collected for uncataloged systems are used for analysis in the Investigate tool only and is not displayed in other components such as Workspace, Reports, and Capacity Views.

Here are a couple of scenarios in which you can use the uncataloged systems:

  • Consider an environment that contains thousands of systems and the data is collected and stored for a regularly used subset of systems. Use uncataloged systems to monitor the other subset that is occasionally used in case a problem is reported. You can troubleshoot the problem in the Investigate tool.
  • In a Proof-of-concept or test environment where you want to run the Investigate tool on temporary systems for performance analysis.

Before you begin

Identify the required Gateway Server and view its details. For more information, see Adding, removing, and inspecting Gateway Server details.

To configure uncataloged systems list for data collection

  1. In the Gateway Server Details page, click Edit uncataloged systems.
    The Edit Uncataloged Systems List page is displayed.
  2. In the Add/Remove systems box, type the names of the required servers on which the uncataloged systems are installed.
  3. Click Save.

    Data collected by uncataloged systems is available for investigating capacity and performance issues in systems.

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