Configuring the Virtual Node Linker task

The Virtual Node Linker task connects a VM (an entity that is collected from the Hypervisor) to the corresponding virtual node (an entity that is collected from inside the VM) in Capacity Optimization. Data for these entities is imported from different ETLs, however, the execution sequence of these ETLs does not matter. The name of this relationship between the VM and virtual node entities is identified as GM_ASSOCIATED_TO_VN.

To access this task in the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, navigate to Administration > ETL & System Tasks > System Tasks and look for the Virtual Node Linker task in the System Task table.

The following concepts about the Virtual Node linker task are important to note:

  • The task is scheduled after the ETL execution is complete.
  • The task is scheduled to run every day (daily).
  • The relationship is detected by using the Entity type and the fully qualified Network name.
  • The associations are created for VMs of type VMware, Hyper-V, Xen (Open source Xen, Citrix Xen and Oracle VM are supported under Xen), KVM, HP Integrity, and their related Virtual Node entity.
  • The lookup names of the VM and virtual node entities are used to create the association, and they (the entities) must belong to the same entity catalog.

The following figures show examples of the Virtual Node Linker task and relation in the Administration and Workspace tabs.

System task under Administration

Virtual Node Linker association in the Workspace

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