Configuring the Model Solver task

The Model Solver task 
analyzes and solves the models created in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

Example of Model Solver task

If edit the advanced configurations and display all the available properties, navigate to Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > System tasks and in the working area on the right, click the appropriate name (with the Type as ModelSolver) available in the System tasks table. In the Run configurations table, click Edit  to display the available properties in the General configuration and Scheduling options tabs. Click Advanced to see additional properties (advanced features are marked by (blue star)):

General configuration

In the General configuration tab, in addition to general settings such as name, environment and description, you can edit the following properties:

  • Batch directory: The full path to the solver file.
  • Batch name: The file name of the shell script.
  • Batch timeout: The maximum execution duration, in milliseconds.
  • (blue star) Task list: The specific scenario that this task will solve.

Model Solver task - general configuration

Additional information

A base task is created and configured during installation: no configuration actions are required for this task.

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