Configuring the business services view settings

Use the Settings page in the Business Services view to create service pools, and configure the properties that impact the business services displayed on the Business Services view.


To create service pools

  1. Access the Settings page

    1. Log on to the TrueSight console.
    2. Expand the left navigation pane and select Capacity > Views > Business Services
      The Business Services view is displayed.
    3. Click > Edit Settings
      The Settings page is displayed. The Service pool creation tab is opened by default.  
  2. Create the service pools

    In the Service pool creation tab, configure the following properties for service pool creation:
    • Select the domain 
      Select the domain from which you want to include the resources for service pool creation. 
      Click the action menu  next to No Domain Selected and click Select Domain. In the Select Domain dialog box, select the domain you require, and click Apply. You can select multiple domains. 
      When you save the settings, the hierarchy rule is run. Service pools are created for the selected domain and placed under the respective domain hierarchy in the Workspace of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console. 
      This setting also restricts the display of the business services, applications, and service pools only for the selected domains in the Business Services view.
    • Specify the tag type to create or update service pools 
      Select the tag type from the list. The default tag type is AppTier.
      The number of service pools created, their placement in the hierarchy, and naming of service pools vary depending on whether the servers in the selected domain are tagged or not.
      • When the servers are tagged, the service pools are created and named based on the tag values of the selected tag type. If the selected domain contains applications, the service pools are placed under the applications; else they are placed under the business services. One service pool for each tag value is created.
      • When the servers are not tagged, the service pools are created and named based on the corresponding application or business service names. One service pool for each application or business service is created. 
        For more information, see Collecting data for business services, applications, and service pools.
    • Refresh the views
      Displays the details when the view was last refreshed. When data is updated in the background, click Refresh views to refresh all pages in the Business Services view and view the latest data. For example, when you tag additional servers or add new servers to the domain, you can refresh views to view the latest updates. 

  3. Configure the Business service view settings

    On the Settings page, click the Business service view tab. In the Business service view tab, configure the following properties:
    • Select the tag type for the business service category that is used in the bubble chart
      Select the tag type from the list and enter the label. A list of tags associated with the selected tag type are displayed in the Available tags and Tags displayed on Y-axis panes. By default, maximum 5 alphabetically sorted tags are displayed in the Tags displayed on Y-axis pane. If the selected tag type includes more than 5 tags, the remaining tags are displayed in the Available tags pane. You can change the default displayed tags. You can also decide the order in which the selected tags are displayed in the bubble chart. Drag and drop the tag that you want to display and reorder.
      The bubble chart in the Business Services view is rendered based on the selected tags and order. 
    • Configure healthy and warning thresholds for business service risk
      Modify the threshold values for business service risk in percentage. The Risk pie chart in the Business Services view is rendered based on the selected threshold values.
      • In the Healthy box, edit the value. The business services with risk value between 0 to the value in this box are considered healthy and displayed in the green color. The default value is 75.
      • In the Warning box, edit the value. The business services with risk value above the value in the Healthy box to the value in this box are considered at warning and displayed in the yellow color. The default value is 85.
      • The business services with risk value above the value in the Warning box are considered saturated and displayed in the red color.

  4. Configure and manage the threshold for service pools

    Click the Thresholds for service pools link to modify the threshold of a metric or an indicator for a service pool. The Thresholds page in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console opens in a new browser tab or window. For more information about configuring the thresholds, see Configuring and managing thresholds for metrics and indicators.

  5. Click Save

    After you save the settings, any changes made to service pool creation such as modifying the domain list or tag type are scheduled for materialization and service pools are updated accordingly. For example, if you remove a domain from the list, the associated service pools and their historical data are deleted. If you select a different tag type, the service pools are updated based on the new tag type.
    The warning message is displayed indicating the same. Consider the following example warning message: 

How to videos

Configuring the Business Services view (3:23) 

Leveraging Service Pools (5:34)

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