Configuring data collection for the Investigate tool

The Capacity Agents are used to collect data for the Investigate tool. The agents are installed on the systems for which you want to analyze the performance and capacity data. Based on whether you want to store the collected data, the systems can be categorized as managed or uncataloged.

  • If you want to collect recent as well as historical data for the systems and store it in the data warehouse for continuous performance analysis, use managed systems. To manage data collection for these systems, add them to the Gateway Server agent list and then create manager runs. For a complete capacity analysis, BMC recommends that you use managed systems.
  • If you want to collect only recent data for adhoc performance analysis, but not store it in the data warehouse, use uncataloged systems. To manage data collection for these systems, add them in the uncataloged systems list.

Following types of data with their precedence order are displayed in the Investigate tool:

  1. Agent History
  2. UDR

The following table displays the default configuration for the intervals at which data points are displayed in an Investigate chart.

DurationInterval between two data points
Last one hour10 seconds
Up to seven hours after the last one hourFive minutes
Eight hours and later15 minutes

To configure data collection

Ensure that the Gateway Server components are installed with the option to collect historical data enabled in Capacity Agents. For more information, see Installing the Gateway Server

If you have not enabled the option to collect historical data during installation, you can use the remoteHistoryConfig command to enable history post-installation. For more information, see Additional utilities of Gateway Server.

You can also configure a system to collect granular (one second) data by modifying the value of the SAMPLING INTERVAL parameter to 1 in the Repository.cfg file. For more information, see Configuring the Capacity Agent to collect data at a greater granularity.

To configure...How-to topic
Managed systemsCollecting data via Capacity Agents
Uncataloged systemsConfiguring uncataloged systems for data collection
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