Analyzing the root cause of capacity or performance issues in systems

You can perform drill-down of an Investigate study to determine the root cause of any capacity or performance related issue in your system at any point of time. This enables you to analyze the issue using a metric group that is different than the metric group used for creating the Investigate study. For example, in an Investigate study that is created to analyze the performance of a system (Host 1) using the CPU statistic metric group, if the CPU Utilization metric indicates over utilization at a particular point of time, you can use the Process statistic metric group to analyze any issue in the performance issue at that particular point of time. You can further drill-down (multiple times) using the required metric group to further analyze and determine the root cause of the issue.

Before you begin

To perform drill-down of an Investigate study

The following graphic shows how to perform drill-down of an Investigate study.


  1. In the required Investigate study, select the required system and click View chart.
    The Select Columns page is displayed.
  2. Select the required columns to be used for displaying the chart and click Select.
  3. On the chart, select the required data point (indicates time interval at which data is collected) to drill down, and right-click and select Drill down.
    The Select metric group page is displayed.
  4. Select the required metric group from list
    Type in the box to search and select the required metric group.
  5. (Optional): Select Add filters and click Next.
    Perform the following steps on the Add filters page:
    1. On the Add filters page, select the metric or string that you want to filter the results on. For example, a metric like CPU usage.

    2. Specify the appropriate values in the Operator and Value fields.

    3. To add more than one filter, click Add conditions and repeat the steps.
  6. Click Apply.
    System details for the selected metric group are displayed in the table for the Investigate study using the selected time interval as the From period.

  7. (Optional): Click Save study and edit the following details.

    Study groupSelect the required study group from the list. To add a new study group, click Add new group and type the required name for the study group in the box.
    Study nameEdit the name for the study in the box. This updates the name of an existing study. To save the selected study as a new study with same or different study, select Save as a new study.

    The Investigate study is modified.

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