11.5.00 enhancements

TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5.00 offers the following key features and enhancements:

Visibility into your business services and service pools

You can now view the consolidated summary of the business services in your infrastructure using the Business Services view. This summary provides the overall health and status of business services. You can drill down into specific business services and view the associated applications and service pools details, and analyze the capacity at the service pool level.

A service pool is a group of resources that form an infrastructure or technology layer (tier) within an application or a business service. The resources of a service pool contribute to the same part of the workload. Therefore, the capacity sizing for all these resources is computed and aggregated to determine the service pool capacity. This aggregated capacity sizing provides better insight to plan and manage your capacity needs accurately.

For more information, see Business Services view

Example hierarchy of business service, applications, and service pools

Enhancements to custom view templates

New Business Driver data explorer custom view template

Use the new out-of-the-box Business Driver data explorer custom view template to define a custom view that displays detailed charts related to a given business driver. You can use this template to show the behavior of business driver metrics over fixed time periods. For more information, see Configuring the Business Driver data explorer template.

Enhancements to the Data mart explorer custom view template

The Data mart explorer template is enhanced to support new configuration options:

New category bar charts

New analysis chart types, category charts, are added to the list of charts in the TrueSight console. You can use these chart types while configuring a custom view when using the Data mart explorer template.

Support for multiple types of charts

You can now configure multiple types of charts in the same graph when using the Data mart explorer template.

Simplified Capacity Agent installation

Support for running the Capacity Agent in a Docker container

You can now run the Capacity Agent within a Docker container to collect system-level metrics. The container is created from the Docker image of the Agent.

Modified Capacity Agent installation

The Capacity Agent can now be installed without using the JDK and X11 interface. You can install it by running a shell script. For more information, see Installing the Capacity Agent.

Support for PostgreSQL 11.0

The PostgreSQL database version 11.0 is now supported. If you are currently using PostgreSQL 9.x database and choose to upgrade to version 11.0, you can migrate your data manually or use the pre-upgrade check utility. For more information, see Migrating the data from PostgreSQL 9.x to 10.x or later.

Enhanced Investigate tool

Role-based access control for Investigate study groups

You can now share your Investigate studies with other users. Administrators can grant access to specific Investigate study groups so that other users can view the associated Investigate studies. For more information, see Investigating capacity and performance issues in systems.

Organization of studies under study groups

You can now view the list of Investigate studies organized under the corresponding study groups on the Investigate page. You can expand or collapse a study group to view or hide the studies. For more information, see Investigating capacity and performance issues in systems.

Deletion of Investigate studies

You can now delete an Investigate study from the Investigate study page. For more information, see Creating and managing Investigate studies.

Enhancements to data collection

ETL module enhancements

The following ETL modules are now enhanced to support new features and additional metrics:

ETL moduleEnhancement

Oracle - Enterprise Manager Extractor

Enhanced to collect metrics for the following entities:

  • Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) instances and clusters
  • Disk groups
  • Member disks
  • Storage volumes
Microsoft Azure - Azure API Extractor

Enhanced to support data collection from Azure Government cloud entities.

Amazon Web Services - AWS API Extractor
EMC XtremIO Management Server ETLEnhanced to support multi-cluster environments.
Hitachi Device Manager ETLEnhanced to collect additional metrics for the storage system and storage pool entities.
IBM SVC Storwize CIM Agent ETLEnhanced to fetch information about back-end arrays using new metrics.
Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization - k8s Heapster

Enhanced to support Kubernetes labels that the ETL imports as tags in TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

Extended software support

The following ETLs now support new software versions:

ETL moduleNewly supported software version
EMC SMI-S AgentVersion 9 of SMI-S provider

VMware vCenter ETLs

VMware vSphere 6.7

New ETL to import BMC Discovery data

The new BMC Discovery ETL enables you to import the relationships between business services and systems that are discovered by BMC Discovery. You can use this data to analyze capacity at the business service, applications, and service pool levels.

New Moviri Integrator for Kubernetes - Prometheus based

The new Moviri Prometheus ETL integrates with Prometheus, which a new monitoring tool for Kubernetes. The ETL supports the configuration and performance metrics that the Moviri Heapster ETL imports and also provides some additional metrics to monitor the Kubernetes system.

New Moviri Integrator to import data from the ServiceNow CMDB

The new Moviri ServiceNow ETL enables you to import configuration and relationship data from the ServiceNow CMDB. You can use this data to gain full visibility of your infrastructure and services.

New Sentry Integrator to import storage data

The new Sentry Storage-All-in-One ETL enables you to import data from the storage systems. You can use this data to analyze the capacity of the following storage systems:

  • Dell EMC ScaleIO
  • Dell EMC VMAX
  • NetApp SolidFire

New utility for custom ETLs

The new ETL Development kit enables you to create custom ETLs in Perl language without using Integration Studio. For more information, see Developing custom ETLs.

Enhanced capacity view

The Kubernetes view is enhanced to show the capacity-related details of Persistent Volumes for clusters. From the Storage tab, you can select a cluster and view the details of Persistent Volumes that are configured for the cluster.

Improved performance and scalability

New Dynservices component

A new component, Dynservices, has been added to the Application Server to enhance the performance and scalability of the Application Server. Dynservices provides backend services that can be scaled across all Application Server computers. For more information, see Application Server.

Enhancements to the data warehouse

The following enhancements were added to improve the performance and visibility of data warehouse activities:

  • Updated the diagnostic report to display information about the batch processing queues.
  • Added an indicator to display the data warehouse status.
  • Added separate tables to display the processing details of daily and monthly data rollup.

For more information, see Viewing the status of the data warehouse.

Support for new operating systems for product components

The following operating systems are now supported for Application Server, ETL Engine, Gateway Server, and Capacity Agents:

Operating System

Newly supported version

Application Server and ETL Engine

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

6.10 and 7.6
Linux CentOS6.10 and 7.6
Oracle Linux6.10 and 7.6
Gateway Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux6.10 and 7.6
Linux CentOS6.10 and 7.6
Oracle Linux6.10 and 7.6
Windows Server2019
Capacity Agents
Red Hat Enterprise Linux

6.10 and 7.6

Linux CentOS6.10 and 7.6
Oracle Linux6.10 and 7.6
Windows Server2019
Microsoft Hyper-V Server2019

For information about supported operating systems for the product components, see Planning.

Support for OpenJDK

All the components of TrueSight Capacity Optimization except Capacity Agent now use OpenJDK. For more information, see Support for Java.

Enhanced upgrade documentation

The TrueSight Capacity Optimization upgrade documentation is redesigned for ease of use. The highlights are:

  • A sequenced path to perform the upgrade
  • Better navigational assistance with the “Where you are” map and information about the next step in the upgrade process.
  • Every upgrade procedure is designed as an end-to-end topic for better readability and to avoid page switching.

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