This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the current version, select 20.08 from the Product version menu.

Setting up roles and permissions

User access in BMC Helix Business Workflows is determined based on the users’ responsibilities in your organization and the functional areas in which they work. 

Functional areas

BMC Helix Business Workflows consists of various functional areas, such as Knowledge Management, Service Level Management, Case Management, and so on, that require users to have specific permissions to perform an action in these areas.

Roles for functional area permissions

Out-of-the-box, BMC Helix Business Workflows provide roles that grant users the permission required to perform actions in the functional areas. For example,  users who need to publish knowledge articles externally must be assigned a Knowledge Management role. 

Functional roles for grouping functional area permissions

To eliminate the need to assign individual functional area permissions (roles) to users, BMC Helix Business Workflows provides functional roles. Functional roles are a combination of the roles providing users with permissions for performing actions across the functional areas. Assigning functional roles ensures that only the authorized users can perform actions in the product.

For example, an organization might require an agent to only review, update, and approve knowledge articles that are added to a knowledge base. In this case, the administrator assigns the agent the Knowledge Coach functional role only, that provides them with the access to manage knowledge articles but restricts their access to cases.

The following figure lists the major tasks and key responsibilities of each functional role:

For details about each functional role and its related permissions, see the following topics:

For information about how to create user accounts and to assign roles and permissions, see the following topics:

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