This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

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A user who uses BMC Helix Business Workflows to create and manage cases for service requests.

Association fieldA field that stores a foreign key reference or value of another field. For more information, see Adding association fields in record definitions.



A bundle consists of the following properties:

  • Contains
    • Java code
    • JavaScript code
    • Definitions
    • Roles
    • Data
  • Depends on other bundles
  • Is licensed


Case AgentA direct contact for employees to raise service requests. A case agent creates and manages cases to resolve service requests.
Case ManagerA line of contact for project-specific queries. A case manager implements process improvements and ensures that projects execute successfully.
Case Business AnalystA direct contact for system-specific or access-specific issues. A case business analyst aligns the application with the changing business requirements.
Case Catalog Administrator

A direct contact for queries that are related to the services in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog.

Confidence Level

A value returned by the cognitive service to enable the application to order its results accordingly, or tailor its communication based upon confidence level.

Search scores indicate the level of confidence for the results of a specific search, enabling a bot to order its results accordingly, or even tailor its communication based upon confidence level. For example, if confidence level is high, the bot may respond with "Here is the event that best matches your search:".


Data sourceThe identifier for a service target. It consists of two elements—the application name and record definition name, for which a service target is configured.
Default support groupThe case submitter's support group. If the submitter belongs to multiple support groups, the chronologically first support group in which the submitter was added.
Deployment packageA zip file containing the compiled OSGI bundle jar and the bundle's definition file. It is produced using the maven "package" command.
Digital Service application

An application developed in BMC Helix Platform. The application provides solutions for your business needs.

Document Library

A centralized repository for adding and managing the documents that can be attached to cases and tasks. 

Document ManagerThe role responsible for adding and managing documents in the document library.
Dynamic fieldA case or task template related field or question added to the template. While creating a case or task, case agents can view and update the dynamic fields to include additional information in a case or task.
Dynamic field libraryA common location where a case business analyst adds and manages dynamic fields.
Dynamic groupA group of dynamic fields that helps a case agent to categorize dynamic fields and view them in an organized manner.
Dynamic group libraryA common location where a case business analyst adds and manages dynamic groups.



A user who is registered in BMC Helix Business Workflows and requests for a service.

Exclusion SubjectAn email with a subject that should not be processed. For example, an email with exlcusion subject Out of office is not processed.
External application

Any application other than BMC Helix Business Workflows. The application can be a BMC application or non-BMC application which is integrated with BMC Helix Business Workflows.


FlowsetFlowsets are ways to define the flow of a case related to a particular line of business. A Flowset comprises processes and functions. When a case is created for a line of business, the appropriate flowset and associated processes are triggered based on the case template.
Approval flowA type of approval that is configured based on lines of business, groups of users, types of cases, and so on.
FlowDetermines how an approval should be processed for a case.
Flow groupA logical group of approvals that might be based on the type of cases, lines of business, and so on.
Functional roleA combination of multiple roles from different functional areas in the product. A functional role enables users to perform their tasks in the product.


Generic service

In BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, a generic service is a default service used to create a service request. The generic service contains a simple survey with ratings and comments related to it.


Library  A type of bundle that provides a reusable building block for developing applications. A library is a subset of an application. Remedy customers, partners, and software developers who are building applications can create and use libraries.


Measurement recordsTransaction records created by Service Level Management based on service targets. The measurement records are interpreted by the smart application to display the status of service targets of a request.
ModuleDisplays the predefined recipients and fields from a record while creating a notification template.

Overall start timeThis is the initial time of a service request.
Example:  8/3/2017 10:10:10 AM


PaletteThe available types of behavioral tasks, flows, and other elements that can be used in the Process Designer.
Process DefinitionA specification for behavior in BPMN that is created and edited by the Process Designer.


It is a Personal Identification Number that is associated with a requester (an employee who requests for a service).

For more information, see Creating or modifying Person data Open link .


Record definitionA record definition is a collection of the data required for building the application for your business process. A record definition is made up of specific record fields.
Any important task in your company's business process can be stored as a record.
Record association

An association between two record definitions to define a relationship between them. For more information, see Creating record associations Open link .

RoleIt provides a user with the permission to perform certain actions in a functional are within the product.


Security label

In a hierarchical group, a security label is used to dynamically control record and field access. The label can be populated with group names through a rule or a process. Security labels protect your database tables at the row level, by assigning different levels of security. Only those users with the appropriate permissions can access the row data. 

For example, in a car dealership company, you create security labels like car type, sales group, or dealership, and only users with the appropriate security classification are allowed access to the relevant data.

Smart bundle A bundle consists of the following properties:
  • Contains
    • Java code
    • JavaScript code
    • Definitions
    • Roles
    • Data
  • Depends on other bundles
  • Is licensed


Task flowDefines all tasks and their execution order to resolve a case.
Task flow designerA visual tool based on Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standards that helps you to design a task flow.


View definition

In BMC Helix Innovation Studio, a view definition is a graphical representation of your application. You use the view definitions to design the user interface for applications. For example, a view definition called Tracking Item, which will be used to create and update Item Console records.

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