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Designating case data as confidential

As a case business analyst, you can define users' sensitive information as confidential data and restrict access to the confidential data. Confidential data is any data that contains users’ sensitive personal information and must be protected to comply with government or company regulations. For example, users’ home address, gender identity, medical information, and salary or compensation-related information. 


The following illustration shows the steps performed by a case business analyst to designate case data as confidential:

To configure the confidential support groups in Foundation data 

You must configure the confidential support groups in BMC Helix Platform Foundation data so that you can later grant them permission to access the confidential data.  

For information about how to configure confidential support groups in Foundation data, see  Creating or modifying Organization data Open link

To specify dynamic fields as confidential

You can define dynamic fields as confidential while defining a case template or a task template. If you copy a template, the confidential dynamic fields are also copied to the new template. Case agents who have access to confidential data can also view and download the confidential attachments. 

The confidential data that is transferred from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog cases is also treated as confidential in BMC Helix Business Workflows. 


You cannot change the confidential fields to non-confidential in the following scenarios: 

  • When the confidential data fields are in the Approved state in Business Workflows.  

  • When the confidential data fields are transferred from Digital Workplaces Catalog cases. 

You can define confidential data by using any of the following methods: 

  • In dynamic field library: You can add a dynamic field and mark it as confidential, or you can mark an existing dynamic field as confidential. 
    For information about how to create fields or modify existing fields in dynamic field library, see Adding dynamic fields for storing additional case information.

To grant access to support groups to access confidential data

You can grant access to confidential support groups so that they can view the confidential data. You can grant confidential data access only to confidential support groups, and not to any specific individual, business unit, or department. You can also provide write access to confidential support groups so that they can add or modify the confidential data.

You can grant confidential data access by using any of the following methods:


You cannot grant confidential data access to active case templates or Flowsets

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